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Donald Trump: The Top Reasons He SHOULD Win The 2016 Presidential Election - Brad Lowry

“He knows the law, knows how to use it to his suit his needs and he knows how to negotiate and navigate shark-infested waters in a way other politicians just do not.”


So, the thing is I keep reading how most Trump supporters do not have higher education.  One quote went so far as to say that the higher the education, the leas likely you’d be a Trump supporter.   I point this out because ‘use it to his suit his needs’ and numerous other typos are often times brushed off as both not having the money to hire an editor and that self-published authors often don’t have the education to use grammar properly.   Given how many typos there are in this book, it made me think this might be written by someone without higher education and who just didn’t give a crap about proper grammar.  


“Trump has no trouble calling people out on their mistakes and openly assigning blame.”


As long as the blame doesn’t fall on him.   I bring this up because it’s something that is not pointed out in this book and I was watching either John Oliver or The Daily Show* and they pointed out that Trump has not really apologized once while running.   Given how egotistical he is, and how thin his skin is, I can understand why apologizing might be galling, but thinking about that fact and this quote here means I’d be scared to work for/under him.   The blame will, undoubtedly, fall on me at some point. 


*I was watching both, focusing on election issues this morning and many of the monologues are mixed up in my mind so I can’t remember who made the point.


“A self-made man…”


This claim is proven to be untrue later in this small book.   His father was incredibly wealthy, and he used his father’s money and connections to make his way: this book claims he worked for his father’s company and then later took it over.   Regardless of this is true or not, the author believes both these facts.   Except that they’re pretty much mutually exclusive.   If he was a self-made man, he wouldn’t have relied so much on his father’s help.   (And no, I didn’t research this.   As I said, I was looking more into the mindset of the Trump supporter.   The big point is the logic flaw and how this book, written in support of Trump, uses his same tactics: he says contradictory things at different points in time then excepts people to drink the kool aid.)


“He doesn’t care what sort of chaos his words evoke.   he doesn’t feel the need to hold himself back or sugar coat anything that he says.   He is just in your face like that!”


Personally, I see caring what sort of  chaos your words evoke to be pretty important with a president.   My friend complains that many newspapers are anti-Trump, in fact, and people who support Trump seem to be surprised that The New York Times, run by a man with Mexican heritage, or The Huffington post, run by a woman, run so many negative articles on him.   Perhaps he shouldn’t have said racist and misogynist things, then?   This, guys, is the chaos that your words can evoke.  


You can’t say you want complete and utter honestly and then pout when you're an asshole and your honesty gets you in bad, bad situations.   Or you can, but the world doesn’t work that way.   Furthermore, Trump seems to be unable to deal with the consequences of his words.   He pouts, he complains, and he takes zero responsibility for this chaos.   


Now, think about that.   Is that the man you really want dealing with foreign nations on our behalf?


“…he’s transparent in his dealings in a way that most politicians are not.”


And yet he refuses to turn over his tax reports, like every single other presidential candidate has for a long, long time.  So he’s transparent when it benefits him, which makes him no better or worse than any other politician.


“…yes, there are times that he comes off as brash and as someone who runs his mouth off, but that’s only because people cannot accept the truths he admits to.   He makes us uncomfortable because he is so transparent.”


Let me be perfectly clear, honest, and transparent: it’s not that Trump is so honest that makes me worried.   It’s that he’s racist, misogynistic, and seems eager to nuke places.   It’s not the honesty, it’s that the fact that behind that honesty is a scary, scary man. 


Look, it’s not that he’s honest about being able to grab pussies without consent.   It’s that he wants to.   That’s like you saying that the man admitting he wants to rape women makes me uncomfortable.   It's not the fact that he's honest about it; it's the fact that he wants to do it in the first place that makes me uncomfortable.   See, guys, it's that Trump is both an asshole and honest about it that's awkward.  (And almost funny because he's so deluded about the fact that he is a raging asshole; he truly believes that he respects women and isn't misogynistic.)


“Reason No. 3: His (Almost) Sound Immigration Policy”


Because it’s totally sound to call everyone else rapists and terrorist and threaten to build walls and keep them out of the country. 


It’s also a totally sound policy to piss off every single minority group you can think of, so he’s totally nailed it there, too!


“What’s the worst that could happen if we stop these illegal immigrants?   Lower rates of Taco joints being set up in the states near the borders?”


Look, holy crap, that’s so fucking racist.   So fucking racist.   Also, good job, insult tacos (which are not a proper name, so grammar issues also.)



Tacos are delicious, guys.   And I’m saying this as someone who, y’know, white as wonder bread.   And I love tacos.  


“Well, that’s like shooting two birds with a single bullet - we can address our obesity problem too!”


So I guess getting rid of illegal immigrants will also get rid of the rest of the fast food joints, and processed food and make sugar taste like crap and fruits and vegetables taste like juicy burgers?   Because, trust me, we could get rid of all the taco joints - and I’m still mind boggled over how fucking racist that bullshit was - and we would still have an obesity problem.


“Trump may be criticized for his Muslim hate speeches, but he raises a few valid points - how many of the refuges that come into the country are actually ISIS agents in disguise?”


Actually, I’ve had this conversation before.  I do believe in vetting people.   And I also realize that the reasons for terrorism are varied, and often times involve people who come from a marginalized, poverty ridden people who feel hopeless.   I also know that not everyone in that situation will become a terrorist.  


Look, I’m not arguing for terrorism.   I’m just saying we can have this conversation and raise these points without resorting to what this author says is ‘hate speech.’   Also, if you admit the person you’re trying to get me to vote for has used hate speech and continues to use hate speech, you’ve already lost me.   Boom.   



“Yes, there have been weak attempts to malign his image, but how much eve you ate Donald Trump, you got to admit, the man is squeaky clean.”


Well, if he’s squeaky clean, then I see no problem with eating him!


All I’ve got is a cannibalism joke, guys, sorry.   I mean, I could point out that the hot mic tape proves that he’s not squeaky clean, but we all already know.    (And he fucks anything with a vagina, so, yeah, I think I don’t want to eat him after all.   Who knows where he’s been and what kind of diseases I’ll get?)


“After all, you don’t raise a fortune, become a billionaire (and remain a billionare), unless you possess some tact, intuition and a lot of diplomacy.”


So, you admit that he uses hate speech.   It that diplomatic?


“As crude as it sounds, Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils.”



“He may give out outrageous and borderline stupid statements in the press or in his rallies, but he is a master at the art of negotiation.”


Why do your arguments always concede that he’s stupid, hateful and racist and then go ‘but this good quality!!!!’


He’s still a stupid, hateful racist!   


“So, he may piss off the world, but at least he will get what he wants for the nation.”


So, how does pissing off the world help with his negotiations?   And what if what he wants for the nation isn’t what I want for the nation?


“Reason No. 10: He Is An Excellent Orator”


I feel like every time he opens his mouth, he proves this statement wrong.   If that doesn’t do it for you, the author of this book - who is a Trump supporter - has said he uses hate speech and makes outrageous and borderline stupid statements.   


“If you were to listen to him talk, without knowing who was talking, you would think it is a common man, who is talking irrationally, with his speech full of hyperboles, make believes scenarios and generalization.”


Well, he does have all the best words.  I guess he just has the stupidest ideas.   


“Trump speaks what they want to hear.”


I thought the appeal was that he was honest, so which is it?


“He knows what his audience wants to hear and he adapts to it, in order to seem more approachable, and for his audience to connect with him, while getting what he wants out of them.”


This sounds like every politician ever, though.   


“As a leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, you need to live and breathe confidence.   The slightest show of uncertainty or meekness and his opponents will pounce on him like a pack of rabid wolves.”


And yet Hillary’s fans - the rabid wolves - haven’t actually punched people.   Trump has called for violence, Hillary has not.   So, he’s trying to get people to act like rabid wolves.   Also, look at the Jewish reporters who are getting anti-semitic backlash, and the articles that show that this is tied into Trump’s campaign.   But, yeah, he has to protect himself.  Sure. 


And I know he has confidence.   It takes a delusional level of confidence to say that you haven’t assaulted women when you have, repeatedly, and believe they won’t speak up or that you can threaten to sue everyone until they censor those stories.


“It is the belief in yourself that even if you speak or do something that doesn’t make sense at all; people will support you no matter what.”


Well, he did say he could shoot someone in public and not loose support.  He didn’t lose as much support as I thought he would after those tapes were leaked, too.


“Is it not true that a huge number of pre-meditated murders can be prevented if the prospective killer was terrified of being hung himself if he was caught?”


Given how many DNA tests have proven ‘killers’ to be innocent, then how many innocent people would be killed if we were going to go back to the days of hanging people?


Hanging seems racially charged, as well, since a lot of times black people were lynched and hung in the past.  Seeing as this author has no problem with hate speeches, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was okay with this, though. 


“But, are his opinions the ultimate truth that he believe in and not deceit just for the sake of please people?   Yes.  Is he delusional the the get Mexico to build a wall?   Yes.   But behind this delusional claim is there a passionate urge to provide his fellow citizens with good jobs and by an extension a good living?   Absolutely yes! ”


Look, now he’s using hate speech, making borderline stupid statements, two faced and delusional.   And, guys, this a Trump supporter saying this.   But there’s always a but, always a good reason for this. 


Also, I thought he was the best orator and negotiator ever.   But he can’t even talk Mexico into building this wall, so y’know, I’m doubting the ability to get other nations to give him what he wants which you earlier claimed was a reason to vote for him.


“Powerful and rich people will always put their own interests over the needs of the masses and will not stop at anything to achieve their goals.  They create a kind of smoke screen in front of our eyes to hide the real issues and make us see what they want us to see.”


But, y’know, not Trump.   Despite being a billionare.   


I gotta go drink or something now.  Seriously, guys...