Harables: Short Stories 1 (Volume 1) by Haidji

What is there to say? it's just perfect, I love this book. It is clever and cute and fun, it’sone of those books where at the end I just sigh and wonder how I can convince other people that it's worth reading. Some stories were funny and cute “SRUGAR” 


Her mother looked at her "Melanie,Try it again,Say SUGAR" and Melanie said" i can't, i can't, i can't ,Mom! " and she said"srugar", whispering several times ', "srugar,srugar,srugar,srugar,srugar" smiling... and feeling like a pinkcess

The srugar pinkcess 


And some Stories were just relatable 


Work brain, Work, if you like it or not , you need to work now, 8 hours in a row, under the torture of boringness, stay awake,and work , even if you were up until 3 AM jumping between whatsapp and snapchat 


i received a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review