The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance by Sloane Howell

                                                     5 mindblowing stars

i'm speechless ! Seriously i loved this book so much , Rebekah Balfour/ Maggie Madison is such a badass i love her




The book will take you in to the darkest world our society has created it starts with Maddie moving to new hometown ! her parents started teaching there but criminals and thugs won't leave them alone till they pay a huge amount of money to be protected well it didn't end well for her family !


when Kiril sawed Dad’s throat, severing his main artery and spilling his blood to the floor. Kiril wrenched the severed head free and held it up like a trophy. I went numb. I was in a tunnel. Kyle and Mom shrieked in my ears but it felt like they were a hundred feet away. Kiril dropped Dad’s head on top of his lifeless body. Everything went dark.


After killing her family Kiril takes Maddie as his slave and turned her into a hooker, Maddie managed to escape and found a man ''Zak'' who took really care of her and trained her to learn how to fight and that's how she became the badass she is today . The action scenes are really good damn Sloane Howell did a great job with this one !

and OMG the ending is so unexpected !!!!!! THAT WAS COLD KYLE !!



"I want to be free. I want all of the girls to be free. I want justice for my family."
"Do you want justice or revenge?"
"Can I have both?