Never Tear Us Apart (Never Tear Us Apart, #1) by Monica Murphy

I loved this book so much , the plot is really good and the story is well written ! it has two points of view Katherine and Ethan and flash back of time ( present day and 8 years earlier) 


I really do find power in words, written words , books and poems and songs , Since i’ve always felt like i have no power 


Katie/ Katherine : Katie got raped at age of 12 by a drunk drug addict Aaron William monroe Even After 8 years of her abduction katie still couldn’t move on with her life
Nothing about Katie's life since her kidnapping has been easy , Struggling with upsetting emotions, frightening memories feeling numb sometimes , disconnected, and unable to trust other people, and a sense of constant danger.. 


I corrected her and said i’m not a victim i’m survivor , Big difference , Huge 


Some things i can never get rid of , the stupid alarm clock is one of them , My fears are another 



Will/Ethan : This man is my hero , i loved him so much but i couldn’t understand why he had to lie to katie ? It’s really big misunderstanding , her thinking he is in jail or moved on and forgate about her , and him thinking she hates him and wants nothing to do with him  


Near the end of the book we have some romantic moments 


“Do you want to be mine, Katie?”
“Yes,” I whisper against his lips. “That’s all I want. To be yours.” 

and then Cliffhanger .... It’s really good story I loved it and can’t wait to read the second book